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AC Repair in Miami: How to Solve Air Conditioning Issues

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When the weather warms up and heat starts to be noticeable in not a very pleasant way, to count on with a good AC that works properly and in optimal condition is important and even a necessity, due to high temperatures that can be reached in summer or certain periods in the year. Now, what to do if you need an AC repair in Miami? Premier Maintenance Florida is the perfect provider to go to. 

When air conditioners are not working properly and their function of cooling is not being delivered, in many cases this occurs because of issues that are possible to troubleshoot and even being fixed by the user. From restricted airflow to improper positioning or zero maintenance, problems can appear but many of them are addressable. Let´s see some of them.

Problems with Air Conditioners: From Window ACs to Central AC Repair in Miami-Dade County

The two most frequent types of air conditioners are the window ACs and the Central ACs, and while these are different in structure, functioning and design they share some elements. For example, for the AC to be capable of cooling the air it has some filters that prevent dust, hair and other elements to get into it and out.

However, in time these impurities get accumulated and restrict airflow, and therefore the whole AC starts to suffer and efficiency decrease until the air is not cool and temperature rises. This can be fixed by cleaning the AC filter at least once every three months, and in case of having pets such time should be shorter since hair will be a problem. 

Issues Respecting Specifically to Central ACs 

These are some of the most frequent issues respecting central air conditioners and a way to fix them:

  • Thermostat Issues and Settings 

When the air conditioning is not cooling properly, the thermostat is the unit that might be presenting some issues, due to bad settings or other problems. For example, if the temperature is way higher than it should be, the first thing to check is that the thermostat is not receiving direct sunlight, affecting the environment readings and making it reduce or increase temperature. 

Another way of dealing with this issue is by using a smart thermostat that will control the warmth or cool in the room automatically. 

  • Maintain the Registers on your Cooling System Dust-Free

For houses that integrate a cooling system, it is imperative to keep registers in the structure free of dust, being the vacuum a great tool for that. If dust and other impurities buildup on the registers, airflow will be blocked and improperly cooled. This translates into uncomfortable warmer temperatures and an AC that will work unnecessarily forced, leading to future damage. 

  • Crowded Compressor on the Outside 

Central ACs require compressor on the back, usually placed outside for proper ventilation. This is critical, since such compressor must have adequate airflow to work properly and cool the air from outside and get it inside to low temperatures and keep stable. 

So, a crowded or blocked compressor with trees, leaves, walls, structures or simply not enough clearance below and above it will have as result an AC that work in a bad way. In this case, changing the place of the compressor might be the only way fix the problem. 

Problems with Window Air Condition Repairs in Broward County 

Since window ACs are designed and installed differently they usually present other types of issues. Some of them are: 

  • Window AC placement

Window ACs are put outside and facing the space they are going to cool through a whole, meaning that compressor and the entire appliance is exposed. This is important, since if the AC is in direct sunlight it will work harder and less optimal. Moving the AC to a place with more shadow will be imperative. 

  • Hot Air leaking in

Seals are very important when it comes to window ACs, since the appliance must be sealed with the wall and this will avoid hot air to leak in and harm the cold air on the inside, increasing temperature. Resealing with weather stripping is recommendable, as well as using manufacturer’s hardware. 

Facing issues with your air conditioning? Get an AC repair in Miami thanks to Premier Maintenance Florida and start enjoying properly cooled air. Request a free quote today. 

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