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AC repair in Miami

AC repair in Miami-Dade County

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Without a doubt, it is never a good day to deal with a broken or failing air conditioner. As temperature rises on the outside, it will as well on the inside along with humidity. For many people, this is not ideal and may affect even their health in general, due to thermal discomfort. To solve this, count on with an AC repair solution in Miami is the best way, and Premier Maintenance Florida is definitely the contractor to call. 

Start enjoying a cool and properly conditioned air with an efficient AC unit in your property, decreasing power bills at the same time and bringing other benefits. Do it with the assistance of skilled and certified technicians in the field. 

Find suitable AC repair solutions at Premier Maintenance Florida 

In order to properly cool the air inside a property – an office, a house or any other commercial building – the AC unit works by carrying out different and complex processes. To do it, distinct parts perform a function and when such components fail, the whole cooling process can be compromised. 

So, there are plenty of reasons why an AC is failing; leaking refrigerant, clogged air filters, malfunctioning fan, failing compressor or coil, fried capacitors or simply accumulated dirt and moisture in the ductwork. Whatever the case may be, the result will be losing cooling capacity and other consequences, which could lead to more severe damage.

Not with us. At Premier Maintenance Florida, you count on a team of experts, insured and qualified professionals who can help you directly in your property. In this way, observation, diagnosis and repairing or maintenance tasks can be performed to solve the issue. 

Now, depending on the issue the air conditioner is going to show different behavior. The most common symptoms of a failing or broken AC are: 

  1. Produced air by the unit is hot or at room-temperature. 
  2. The AC is running with no stop-run cycle. 
  3. The unit is leaking water or refrigerant. 
  4. Produced air by the AC smells weird, like mold or moisture. 
  5. The AC unit does not turn on. 
  6. Electricity bills increase exponentially without logical reason. 

Experiencing any of the aforementioned issues? Contact Premier Maintenance Florida at (956) 540-5951 and you will have a qualified technician at your door. Address minor and major AC issues with the support and knowledge of trusted professionals in your property, quickly and reliably. 

Exhaustive AC repair, maintenance and installing service in McAllen 

With the purpose of finding the actual problem that is causing the AC malfunctioning, we carry out a comprehensive protocol that involves different procedures. 

From diagnosing to repairing and testing, at Premier Maintenance Florida we follow an ordered and stepped approach to come with an accurate a precise solution. These are: 


the first thing our professionals do is looking closely to the unit and see any clear indication of what is going on. From leaking to odors to bad wires and stains, everything is important and an indication of the possible problem. 

Diagnosing the problem and origin

once the first step is complete, now it would be easier to narrow the actual problem. Not only that, it is imperative to find the origin and solve it. This is the only way of ensuring a long-lasting repairing method. If not, the same fail would appear again in the future. 

Repairing and testing

knowing the issue and possible origin, it is now the moment of repairing with proper equipment and guided by knowledge of certified professionals. Once it is done, the AC unit is tested to see if everything is running properly. 

From thermostat replacement and capacitor problems to faulty circuit boards and clogged filters and dirty AC condensers, we have you covered. Our comprehensive solutions also involve AC replacing and installation.  

Why considering us for air conditioner repairs? 

We are an experienced company in the fields of air conditioner, respecting repairing, maintenance and installation tasks in commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, no matter what is you need respecting an UC unit at home or at your business, we can help you. 

Rely on a trusted and reliable business with the best reputation in McAllen. With characteristics like upfront pricing with no hidden fees, craftsmanship, timely completion of projects and values like accountability and integrity, we have come to be a company that provides 100% customer´s satisfaction rate. 

For AC repairs in Miami, count on with Premier Maintenance Florida. By accessing our website: https://premiermaintenanceflorida.com you can request a quote and enjoy a 10% off in AC repair service. 

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