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Bathroom Designers in Broward County: Trends for your Perfect Bathroom

Table of Contents

Looking for to give your bathroom the remodeling it deserves by actually showing your taste, style and finish? We are here to show different bathroom designers in Broward County and the most outstanding 2021 trends for the ideal bathroom you have dreamed of. Pick from the many inspiring trends in texture and feeling, visual and patterns, style and atmosphere that covers from sinks to vanities. Then, relax and see your vision coming to life with Premier Maintenance Florida. 

From color schemes to styles that bet on minimalism and details like floating vanities, this is the year where design, functionality and style come together for bathroom design. Here are some of the trends in bathroom remodeling, for you to choose one that represents your lifestyle, vision and also according to available space, purpose and budget. 

Bolder and Darker Bathrooms: Ongoing Trend 

The sober combination between white and darker tones like gray and even black to emphasize contrast is something that is being seen for quite some time now respecting house design. Well, such trend has arrived to the bathroom as an area where such darker tones look amazing and also bolder. 

And it is not something about simply putting gray or black tiles and decoration, but to include vanities, mirror frames and even sinks in black, giving that incredible touch as those element provide a never seen contrast and outstanding visual. Sure, this is something for the brave and black color lovers, but damn it looks good. 

High-Tech Bathrooms: The Future is Here for Bathroom Renovations in Miami Beach 

Technology has arrived to bathrooms and it is here to stay, and while the first example of this was the Japanese high-tech toilet with automatic opened lids and warm surface at sitting, there is a step beyond recently with new possibilities that are brought by smart devices. 

From smart assistants that tell us the time, dim the lights or play any song we need to watch the new series on Netflix, possibilities are endless with everything that can be included in a bathroom as a part of the house where we spend a considerable amount of time. 

And not only that, since other elements in the bathroom have become smart as well; a shower that automatically detects when no one is underneath so it can save water and with a built-in speaker, control the light and thermostat and more. 

Large-format Wall and Floor Tiles is the New Big Thing 

 In 2021, the trend respecting visuals and tile design for bathrooms correspond to big, stone-look pieces of tiles, on the floor and on the walls that provide that feeling of luxury, at the same time resulting minimalistic and with original patterns in vertical and horizontal fashion. 

Along with size, colors and design in the large tiles are perfect for that original look. Also, since the pieces are bigger they are easy to clean and by choosing tiles with matte and texture finish for the shower floor, a lot more grip will be provided and this means in less incidentals and slides. 

Lights in Cabinets and Medicine Compartments 

Cabinets are very useful in bathrooms, whether they are placed underneath the countertop or as a medicine compartment above the sink. However, such cabinets are elements that can also provide a touch of personality and decoration in the space, and the latest trend regarding this is by adding lights. 

Color and white lights on the cabinets make them standout and they also result being quite useful. For instance, back-lit mirrors look beautiful and provide a better source light when putting makeup, shaving or carrying out other activity. 

Minimalism and Space-saving Tubs for Bathroom Remodel in South Florida

For many, less is more and minimalism as a trend that is everywhere is proof of that. Such trend has arrived to bathrooms where the less vanities and including only the basic elements is the approach, saving space in the process and looking less cluttered. With minimalism, every aspect of decoration is functional and has a purpose. 

This is related with space-saving tubs as trend where those big bathtubs are now considered a waste of space and water. So, smaller and more efficient and cute tub designs are those more desirable. 

Interested in following decoration trends and bathroom designers in Broward County? Call Premier Maintenance and let the experts remodel your bathroom and make your dreamed space come to life.

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