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Bathroom Remodel in Miami Beach: What to Improve and Recommendations

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Remodeling an area in your house means that such transformation will be done to improve space, functionality, visuals, and other aspects that should suit your needs and personal preferences. When it comes to the bathroom, renovations should meet these purposes and add two more: comfort and atmosphere to make this space into the perfect spot to relax. Know more about carrying out a bathroom remodel in Miami Beach. 

Since it is the moment of truth and changes will be applied, following a few recommendations to improve the remodeling of the bathroom is key and one-time opportunity, making better the entire area in look, feel, trend and design, along with functionality, savings and proper use of space to get the most out of it. Let´s start. 

Do not forget about lighting when remodeling your bathroom

The first thing to think about when the moment of remodeling the bathroom comes, apart from new devices to add and where to put everything with coherence in terms of design, function and look, is about lighting. 

Counting on in a bathroom with good artificial a natural light is very important. This can be achieved by including a window on the general premises of the restroom and also inside the shower. 

When it comes to artificial light, a dimmer is the perfect solution and helps to relax while taking a bath in the tub. Another recommendation respecting light is to add reflecting fixtures and mirrors compatible with light bulbs, making easier to put some makeup on or at the moment of shaving.

Considering adding a hidden-tank toilet 

When it comes to remodeling an area in the house like the bathroom, design and optimization must go together and by considering including a hidden-tank toilet is ideal. This type of toilet is designed so that the tank behind it gets hidden inside the wall, and this translates directly into saving space and at the same time make the bathroom look a lot more modern and optimized.

This is the perfect choice for those that value a more contemporary decoration and also happens to have little space to work with, since that area where the storage vessel is not placed is ideal to put a sink. In the same way, most of the toilets with this design have a low-flow technology that make it more optimized, ecofriendly and saves money. It is a win-win anywhere you look at it. 

Add bigger and better plumbing drain pipes 

This is an improvement that is not cosmetic and after the bathroom is finished it will not be noticed in design, but will be night and day respecting optimization and functionality. Take the opportunity of remodeling and change main plumbing drain pipes for bigger ones, those that measure 2 inches in diameter. 

This might seem too wide and an exaggeration in size, but toilet, shower and sink will work better and also will be less prone to clotting, since drainage is going to have more space for the fluid to run. Also, on the long run by adding these PVC-based 2-inch drain pipes will avoid things to get in the way that in some case require to crack and break walls, costing a lot of money. 

When doing your bathroom remodel, is it really a good idea to install a tub? 

No one denies the fact that having a tub is really nice in a bathroom, but this is something to think about when remodeling. Truth be told; while some users love having a bath, others will simply not take advantage of the tub, meaning in a waste of space and money. So, the question is: do you really need a tub? 

If the answer is yes, then you should get one and especially if space is not an issue. On the other hand, if the answer is no and other conditions in the bathroom are not ideal in terms of space, then getting rid of having it can be dismissed and it is completely fine. 

Pick a small and textured tile for the shower floor 

This is another opportunity to combine looks with function and security. At the moment of choosing the tile for your shower floor, besides design make sure to look for textured and smaller tiles. This will allow your feet to have more grip and avoid accidents, with pieces of tile that are matte and sober in style. 

If it is your interest to carry out a bathroom remodel in Miami Beach, get in contact with Premier Maintenance Miami and see your vision and dream come true, with attention to detail, precision, and design. 

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