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Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

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Speaking about health, probably disinfection and sanitation services in Broward County come to be of the most relevant to count on these days. 

Therefore, sanitizing your business turns out as a must, due to COVID-19 and related contingency.

With Premier Maintenance Florida, you can have disinfection done and enjoy peace of mind about it. 

Enjoy an EPA and CDC compliant cleaning tasks, which carried out by our professionals will ensure you a healthy environment for both workers and clients.

Rely on the best and most experienced technicians for such important task, making your business free from deadly viruses and pathogens.

Pathogen-free areas at your business with Premier Maintenance Florida help 

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County
Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

Health has always been an important matter in any business.

As commercial properties with many employees and customers, such spaces definitely need to consider disinfection of common areas.

Fortunately, if you happen to run or manage a company in Broward County, Premier Maintenance Florida is able to provide you specialized assistance in such important task. 

Comply regulatory and sanitary requirements in the state of Florida, at the same time you take care of giving the healthier environment at your property.

For COVID-19 related reasons, this has turned out to be imperative. 

As such, having an unhealthy or non-disinfected would bring health issues, such as air carrying pathogens like viruses, bacteria and even fungi.

As result, diseases that these agents carry with them will infect anybody in direct touch. 

However, thanks to our specialized disinfection and sanitation solutions, you can have the peace of mind of providing and enjoying a completely cleaned commercial environment.

This is done by proper and unique equipment and skilled and certified experts you can rely on at our company. 

For instance, we facilitate cleaning and disinfection services that are CDC and EPA compliant, by getting advantage of non-toxic and highly powerful detergents.

At the same time, our workers wear PPE suits or personal protection equipment, with the intention of avoiding any risk. 

Specific cleaning procedures for commercial properties in Broward County 

Covering commercial building disinfection and sanitation wise is not easy task.

Different businesses of distinct industries have their own concrete needs, in terms of size, common areas and surfaces to clean. 

Thanks to the experience and certified staff, we are able to come up with sanitary plans to clean and disinfect your business.

All of this without disrupting production and adapting to the building´s characteristics. 

Premier Maintenance Florida is ready to provide quick, reliable disinfecting solutions that guarantee 99.9 % removal of pathogens and viruses, covering every surface.

These are some of the specific sanitation tasks or professional cleaners are capable of carrying out: 

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County
Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County
  • Common areas disinfecting: when it comes to disinfection and sanitation procedures, the first and most important thing to do is taking care of common areas. Therefore, our team will wipe out every surface that deals with high traffic. 

Of course, this include cleaning from desks and chairs to cubicles, walls, computers, phones, as well as hand reels, doors and knobs and anywhere else with high touch rate. 

It is valuable to know that every drop of disinfectant and detergent to be used is EPA compliant, with the purpose of guaranteeing COVID-19 free environment. 

Large area sanitizing procedures:

in big spaces like hangars and similar, disinfection requires other tools in comparison to common area disinfecting. 

For this, we rely on specialized fogging, which is perfect to ensure air cleaning with almost 100% rate in virus-free range. 

Cover over 40.000 square feet of your commercial property and make sure air is not carrying out any harmful pathogen. Definitely, this is the best option for great facilities, buildings and manufacturing plants. 

Air duct disinfection:

clean ductwork at your property is very important when it comes to healthy air and environment in general. 

If air ducts are filled with dust and dirt, bacteria and other pathogens will start growing, polluting the air. That is why; we facilitate air duct disinfection by cleaning every conduct manually and with the best equipment, removing mold and more. 

Guarantee a clean space for customers and workers 

Comply with sanitary laws at the same time you guarantee a clean and healthy environment at your business with disinfection and sanitation in Broward County.

 Premier Maintenance Florida will help you accomplish such relevant task, along with a certified that will make your employees and clients to be safe.

Call us at (786) 886-3321 and give us more information about your intention of carrying out a cleaning project at your building.

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