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Disinfection and sanitation in Miami-Dade County

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

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Sure, vacuums are great and a good spring cleaning every now and then is good enough, up to one point.

The thing, when it comes to really clean and sanitize a commercial or residential property, a specific service is needed that actually guarantees complete removal of viruses and germs. 

We are talking about disinfection and sanitation solutions, as service provided by Premier Maintenance Florida in Miami-Dade County. 

In this way, you will be able to have completely cleaned premises, as something many people and even the governments are requiring mandatorily, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Count on the best professionals and experts in the field to achieve almost 100% level of cleaning and virus-free environment. 

Sanitize and disinfect your house or business at Premier Maintenance Florida 

Disinfection and sanitation in Miami-Dade County
Disinfection and sanitation in Miami-Dade County

If you are worried about offering a healthy space and environment in your home or workplace, completely free of different pathogens and other harmful agents, you need a disinfection and sanitation service. 

At Premier Maintenance Florida, you can count on this important solution that is becoming even mandatory in many places – particularly public ones-, as a way of proving properly healthy and sanitary conditions to receive guests or guarantee biological safety. 

Specifically, disinfection service we offer includes all-inclusive sanitizing procedures, by using specialized equipment and resources that clean any common surface. 

From carpets to walls, desks, tables, personal items and floors, all of these usually carry agents like germs, bacteria and viruses that risk health in general. 

The intention of the disinfection procedure is to get rid of such pathogens at least in a 99%, guarantying spaces completely safe from COVID-19, other SARS-class viruses and more. 

Following the CDC and FDA guidelines, our skilled and experienced professionals in disinfection processes are able to carry out sanitizing tasks, using hospital-grade, non-harmful, EPA- approved chemicals and protected by specialized equipment, in order to finish threating and dangerous viruses. 

Specific service features of our disinfection solution in Miami-Dade County 

At Premier Maintenance Florida, customers will be able to find a sanitizing solution that is specifically design to approach from regular sized homes and residential buildings, to the largest commercial facilities and business. 

So, no matter how big or small and the nature of your company or business, we have you covered by taking advantage of different technologies and tools that help us carrying disinfecting procedures thoroughly. 

Surfaces to address go from personal objects to common touch areas like buttons, hand riels, floors, tables, desks, walls and more.

Depending in the surface, different tools are used where size and business nature have influence too, with big facilities approached differently. 

Disinfection and sanitation in Miami-Dade County
Disinfection and sanitation in Miami-Dade County

More specifically, our disinfection solution at Premier Maintenance Florida covering the Miami-Dade County includes: 

  • Fogging disinfection system: by using EPA-approved powerful disinfectants and with the skills of capable trained professionals, we provide a fogging disinfection system to kill pathogens instantly in the air, especially useful for viruses and bacteria. Our fogging solution also involves specialized spray. 
  • Anti-microbial disinfection system: this is the perfect sanitization system that is focused on hard plain surfaces manufactured in different materials, such as: metal, wood, concrete, ceramic, tile, laminate and more. It is ideal for getting rid of COVID-19, SARS and other viruses and bacteria that are considered heavy and capable of living on surfaces. 
  • Steam cleaning system: steam is perfect to disinfect difficult and delicate surfaces to address, like furniture, rugs, carpets, fabrics and similar. This high-heat sanitizing method does not harm such surfaces and get rid of any harmful agent on them. 

By hiring us as your disinfection solution provider, you get to have a certification that proves the public or private space you offer is completely cleaned and sanitized.

Like this, your customers and employees can rest assured about a healthy and germ-free space. 

Sanitize your commercial and residential premises today 

Meet mandatory sanitary regulations at the same time you can rest easy about having a perfectly healthy environment at home or in the office, thanks to Premier Maintenance Florida

We count on trained, licensed and insured professionals in the field that are experts in performing every disinfection and sanitation process and technique, which adapts to the business or home´s needs in terms of size and transit. 

To accomplish this quality of service, we work following a vision of professionalism, reliability and giving the best workmanship as possible. 

As such, we are able to guarantee top-notch delivered projects, timely completion, quick attention and other service features that make us worthy of being chosen to carry out maintenance tasks at our customers´ properties. 

Did you search “disinfection near me” on Google living in Miami-Dade County? We are the best result and suitable provider you can get. For more information, quoting and estimation get in touch at (786) 886-3321 and let us know about your premises and needs.

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