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Disinfection in Miami

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

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Sanitizing your premises: a house, a business or a complete workplace is very important these days. Like this, common areas can get disinfected and completely free of dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. For those requiring a disinfection solution in Miami, Premier Maintenance Florida provides an outstanding cleaning and sterilization service in the city. 

Counting on with a pathogen-free space and environment in general has become imperative and even mandatory in common areas with high touch-point characteristic. With us, you will be able to protect your property from biological agents with a comprehensive and legally compliant disinfection procedure. 

Protect your property: Disinfection service at Premier Maintenance Florida 

At Premier Maintenance Florida, we provide a specialized and comprehensive disinfection solution to sanitize and clean any type of property. From large plants to regular houses and mid-size businesses, our service meet legal and site-specific risk and method assessment to perform cleaning process. 

With the assistance of highly trained professionals, you can have your space completely sanitized and free of pathogens and microorganisms. Fight against COVID-19 and dangerous bacteria with exhaustive touch-point and common area cleaning. Rest assured every button, handrails, door knobs and air in general is disinfected from biological transfer. 

In order to do their important work, our highly qualified technicians address every property and disinfection project with the appropriate tools. Personal and respiratory protective equipment is mandatory, guarantying getting the job done securely and successfully, with no risk whatsoever

Give yourself and your guests at home and your customers at your business peace of mind and the benefit of staying at a disinfected and sanitized place. Contact us at (956) 540-5951 and know more about an exhaustive sanitizing solution in Miami with Premier Maintenance Florida. Our solutions happens to be certified and legally compliant by state-specific laws and health entities like the CDC, FDA and more. 

Extensive set of disinfection solutions in Miami 

Due to our experience in the field of sanitization solutions and maintenance tasks in general, we know every customer has their own needs. That is why; Premier Maintenance Florida facilitates an extensive range of disinfection service plans, tailored and address to our clients´ requirements that may differ greatly from one another. 

Take a look at some of the disinfection plans we offer to face and damper effects of the COVID-19 contingency and other pathogens in general: 

Preventive disinfection 

This is a regular, precaution-focused disinfection service. Sanitize common premises in your property and decrease the risk of contamination and infection from viruses and related diseases. This is the perfect plan for houses and businesses, whose owners have not crossed with certified cases of infection of COVID-19 and other conditions. 

Intermediate disinfection 

This is the perfect solution for actively addressing when an actual case of infection appears. In this scenario, quick response is critical along with carrying out specific procedures to clean and avoid contamination. Usually, this is the recommended process after 72 hours have passed after confirmed cases of infection.  

Sanitization tasks include: ULV disinfection, sanitization of common touch areas, waste removal and specialized cleaning. Personal and respiratory protection equipment is mandatory. 

High level disinfection 

The most comprehensive disinfection solution, ideal for those property owners who has suspicion of an infection case in less than 72 hours. 

Since pathogens are more active and strong during this period, exhaustive sanitizing tasks must be performed, such as: public and private safety measures, manually disinfection with state-of-the-art disinfectant, common areas cleaning and other high level biological security procedures. 

Reasons for hiring us as disinfection contractor 

In Miami, there is no other disinfection and general maintenance and remodeling contractor as experienced as Premier Maintenance Florida. 

Our company is able to boast of respecting providing a nearly 100% rate in the customer´s satisfaction side, guarantying timely completion in every project, with high quality workmanship and certified professionals to carry out the task in your property.

To achieve this level of service, we have based our work in values of professionalism, teamwork, responsibility, upfront pricing and reliability, giving us the best reputation in the field for over 10 years and counting. 

When it comes to services to be performed in your property, this is the least you can ask for. Poorly carried disinfection may result in highest probability of getting infected, with risks on the short term. 

Get in touch to know more from you 

Find the best service provider and hire a disinfection in Miami to have absolute peace of mind. Premier Maintenance Florida can help you. Ask for a quote accessing https://premiermaintenanceflorida.com and let us know about your specific sanitizing requirements, depending on space and size nature. 

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