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Door installation in Miami-Dade County

Door installation in Miami-Dade County

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A high quality door installation service in Miami-Dade County is something paramount when it comes to your property´s safe.

A strong, reliable and durable entrance to your house or business definitely brings you peace of mind. Luckily, this is something you can find at Premier Maintenance Florida. 

Replace that ugly, slammed and insecure door with a new one that is not only way safer, but also more beautiful.

Finally, get those entrances that fit your house´s requirements, layout, use of space, style and aesthetics like never before.

Door installation in Miami-Dade County
Door installation in Miami-Dade County


Are you in the need of installing or replacing your front or patio door? Premier Maintenance Florida is the place to go, covering the entire county and surrounding areas. 

Protect and beautify your property with new doors at Premier Maintenance Florida 

Having beaten and damaged doors affects your house or business greatly. Of course, this happens over time and reasons go from simple use to low or completely lack of maintenance. 

As result, the property and corresponding owner might start dealing with risky situations, as well as other disadvantages related with energy efficiency and looks.

The good news is, overcoming all of these issues is possible by replacing old doors for new. For door installation in Miami-Dade County, Premier Maintenance Florida is the contractor to definitely have in mind. 

Hire us and take advantage of a top-notch door installation and replacement solution in your property. 

With our guidance and following your requirements respecting personal preferences in style, selected materials and budget, choosing the best door will be easy.

Enjoy the best bang for your buck when it comes to doors like never before. 

Now, whether you desire that beautiful wooden front door that is both reliable, gorgeous and strong or that sliding glass door on the back, our staff is ready. 

Count on the best professional and skilled door installers in town, guaranteeing precise installation process.

No project is too demanding or complex to address, if the purpose is to increase your property´s curb appeal, safety functionality and general great look. 

How do we install your new doors in Miami-Dade County?

There is more to a door installation process than meets the eye. Everything is actually in the little details and at Premier Maintenance Florida we know this. Therefore, every door installation project is addressed specifically, with unique features and customer´s needs.

Likewise, we get involved in the process completely, from the start to the end and from the door selection procedure to post-service and maintenance. This is what we do: 

  • Consultation: the first step is carrying out a consultation process, usually after you call us and then pay us a visit. At this point, you can select the door materials, speak about available budge, requirements, personal choices and more.
    Door installation in Miami-Dade County
    Door installation in Miami-Dade County

Depending on your needs, we can recommend the best door and enjoy a good price-to-benefit ratio. Our installers will be happy to help and provide the best advice, making the best investment possible. 

Install patio and front doors, porch doors, storm doors, French doors and more, manufactured in glass, metal, wood, fiberglass and other available materials. 

  • Measurements and door cutting: having chosen the door model and material, the following step in the process is performing measurements.  For this, our trusted and certified professional installers will pay a visit to measure where the door is going to go. 

Like this, performing a precise installation will be possible. With proper equipment, our staff is capable of carrying out digital measurements for better and more accurate results. 

According to results, door cutting might be needed to fix the piece into the place where is going to be installed. You do not have to worry, we have everything under control. 

  • One-day installation: at this point, the remaining steps that follows is actually installing the door. Usually, our team of installers take less than a day to remove the old door and place in the new one. 

From the hardware to the hinges, knobs and the door itself, we have it all cover and a precise installation task is guaranteed. Now, what is left is enjoying a strong, durable and beautiful door that make your property safer. 

Improve your property today by calling us in 

Enjoy a cutting-edge door installation solution in Miami-Dade County by hiring us at Premier Maintenance Florida. With us, you can get the best door installed by the most capable contractor. 

Enjoy affordable prices, no hidden fees, the best attention and trusted professionals that you can have peace of mind respecting allowing them entering your property.

Enhance your property now and call us in at (786) 886-3321. Amy Project you have in mind, we can make it happen. 

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