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Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County

Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County

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When it comes to commercial flooring installation in Miami-Dade County, such task requires from great precision to outstanding expertise.

Enjoy these two features and more at Premier Maintenance Florida, as project manager and service provider that will take care of every detail. 

From initial planning to execution and result checking, we are a company with the experience and staff to make your vision of the perfect flooring come true.

Like this, guaranteeing a strong, reliable and long lasting floor made of the best materials and finishes for your business is possible. 

So, get to improve your business´s flooring surface and make it look elegant, with style and functional at the same time.

Whether you own or run a small retail shop to a great warehouse, we can help you. 

Flooring services focused on businesses at Premier Maintenance Florida 

Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County
Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County

Functionally and aesthetically, the flooring system of any commercial property comes to be quite relevant.

You see, while a good floor is going to make the business look quite nice – especially if it fits property´s style – it must also be strong. 

For instance, permanent and heavy foot traffic is something to deal with as business owner.

Therefore, if the flooring system is not good enough and not made of quality materials, it will probably wear out in a short time. 

At Premier Maintenance Florida, you save money by having installed reliable, strong and precisely fit floors.

From the initial plan and design until the last placed piece of tile or hardwood, we will get involved because we are proud to care. 

This means that, whatever your intention as business owner is – upgrading, new installation or replacement – our staff have your back. 

Like this, valuable guidance in every step of the process regarding customization, material selection, style, function and optimization and more will be covered. 

Commercial flooring in Miami-Dade County: Possibilities 

Now, there is something important to clarify; addressing commercial flooring is completely different in comparison to home flooring.

From the management to the execution, including also scheduling and more, there are simply other important aspects to consider. 

As result, you need a company with experience and expertise in the field, and that is exactly what you get at Premier Maintenance Florida.

Our staff not only will carry out the project applying top-notch techniques, but will also cover material picking and location. 

Other considerations respecting material choice, location, regulatory compliances and more are taken care of.

In other words, as business owner or manager you do not have to worry about anything, since spec the resources, as well as designing and furnish them for installation is on us. 

project management for commercial flooring projects in Miami-Dade County: 

Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County
Flooring installation in Miami-Dade County
  • Estimation and planning: this is the first and more important step, since estimation of material costs and installation labor will help us planning a successful project. For instance, a venture that will not suffer delays and suffer from changes due to inaccurate price quoting. 

At this stage, personal preferences in style, purpose and budget are very relevant for precise planning procedures.  

Design and specification:

at this point, we can start putting or paper or digitally some of our customer´s ideas, along with our recommendations.

Thoroughly, we focus on providing balance in terms of performance, cost and visuals. 

To do it, we build specifications based on owner´s needs, type of building and business, trending respecting flooring, future conditions respecting traffic and more. 

Logistics and installation:

through the ultimate logistics – proper scheduling and little to almost none operation disruption, transport and equipment – and project management, success is guaranteed. 

Having everything setup, the installation process starts with the workmanship of capable, certified and licensed floor installers.

Supervisors and project managers take care of every detail, as well as tight project time delivery and top-notch craftsmanship. 

Our specialized staff in customized flooring projects in materials like carpet, tiles, ceramic, hardwood, rubber, laminate, vinyl and more. No matter the project´s complexity; our team will be ready. 

Improve your commercial property today

With flooring in Miami-Dade County specifically designed for your business, you can renovate and enhance your property´s aesthetic, functionality and even value. 

Take advantage of beautiful, long lasting and comfortable floors. Feel free to call at (786) 886-3321 to know more and Schedule a visit and set your flooring Project in motion. 

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