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Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County

Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County

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The service of grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County is a must when it comes to food industry businesses. Actually, not having it would bring fines and regulatory issues.

But not to worry, Premier Maintenance Florida has your back when it comes to cleaning such device. 

Hiring us meaning bringing the big guns, so you can have your grease trap cleaned and sparkly by only using the best equipment.

Of course, such gear is handled by experts and professionals in the field, capable of getting from FOG to hardened fat-based residue and more. 

Keep reading to know more about our grease trap cleaning solutions and its importance for the environment, as well as the general sanitary conditions of your business. 

Grease trap cleaning at Premier Maintenance Florida: Why do you need it? 

As mentioned before, a grease trap is a device that virtually any business that belongs to the food industry must have. From restaurants to fast food chain branches and similar, this is a machine that is mandatory, even from the regulatory standpoint.

Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County
Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County

But why? In more depth, the grease trap is the specialized device that prevents from drains to be completely clogged with FOG. Now, FOG stands for “fat, oil and grease” and basically refers to any lipid-based element present in waste. 

In this way, it is the grease trap´s job to filter and sort of caught FOG and prevent it from going to waterlines, sewer and similar.

Unfortunately, when there is lack of maintenance the grease trap reaches a limit, losing its function and therefore causing issues of bad smells and overflowing. 

Now, this is when counting on a grease trap cleaning solution is quite valuable. In Miami-Dade County, have your device cleaned as soon as your experience the aforementioned signs, with the help of Premier Maintenance Florida. 

Rely on certified and qualified professionals to get the job done. We will make sure of leaving your grease trap completely spotless and ready to keep with its important filtering function.

To achieve this, our staff carries out different tasks and processes of preventive and repairing nature. 

Our process of performing a grease trap cleaning process in Miami-Dade County 

Addressing your business´ grease trap is a complex task only professionals are able to perform.

At our company, we follow specific steps that involve from assessment to installation, replacement, repairing and cleaning of the device. Of course, always depending on the condition, issue and dirt buildup.

Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County
Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County

In details, our grease trap cleaning service in Miami-Dade County includes: 

  • In-depth cleaning: in case of overflowing, bad odors or FOG reaching water lines and sewers, cleaning the grease trap is the way to go. Hiring us means counting on certified specialists, experts in handling equipment to clean the device thoroughly.

First, the accumulation of heavy FOG and layers of different components is removed with a hose, connected to a highly pressurized pump to extract even the smallest and largest particle.

Then, the cleaning process continues by removing dry fat and oil waste and residue that remains on the bottom of the grease trap. 

  • Grease trap repairing: after the cleaning process when device is spotless and clean, it is easier to search for different issues in case the device is showing signs of malfunction. For example, the filter might be failing as well as the piping structure and more.

Any problem your grease trap is showing we can fix it, on behalf of professional technicians that are experts in their field. 

  • Grease trap installation and replacement: Premier Maintenance Florida also provides installation and replacement services respecting grease traps. 

This is ideal for new businesses or when previous devices suffer unrepairable damage, resulting mandatory to install a new equipment for the job. 

  • Grease trap maintenance: along with the cleaning, carrying out periodical maintenance on the grease trap allows to prevent severe issues in the future. So, looking after mechanical parts and check everything is OK once in a while is the smartest thing to do. Take advantage of our scheduled maintenance plans throughout the year. 

Ask for estimation and detailed information today Requiring a grease trap cleaning service in Miami-Dade County?

Make sure to contact Premier Maintenance Florida as the best business in town for the job. Get in touch at (786) 886-3321 and ask for estimation according to your need.

We will be happy to hear from you and your business.

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