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Grease trap cleaning in Miami

Grease trap cleaning in Miami-Dade County

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Restaurants, fast food chains and other similar businesses related with foodservice operation require specialized equipment to carry out their job properly. Along these lines, one of these devices is the grease trap that performs a valuable function and purpose in kitchens. 

Now, for sanitary purposes, foodservice businesses must schedule grease trap cleaning solutions in Miami every once in a while. Premier Maintenance Florida is the company to get this important work done in the city, with specific servicing and solutions. 

Rest easy by having a grease trap cleaned, meeting sanitary regulations while at the same time you guarantee offering a salubrious and healthy foodservice for your costumer. Get to know more by keep reading or visit https://premiermaintenanceflorida.com

Call experts in grease trap cleaning at Premier Maintenance Florida 

Interested in providing the best sanitary conditions as possible in your restaurant? One way of doing it is by scheduling a grease trap cleaning solution with us. But, what is this service all about and why would you need it in the first place? 

You see, when preparing food in restaurants, cafes or any other eating place surely waste is going down the drain, either on the dishwasher or sink. In any case, certainly fats, oils and greases will go down too, which are also known simply as FOG.

Well, such FOG is quite harming for the sewer lines of the venue in question and also regarding city´s sewer lines as well. Greases, oils and fats simply float and accumulate and in the process they generate issues like clogging drains and pipes, contamination of fresh water and more. 

Therefore, a grease trap is necessary in any foodservice business. However, with time such device gets clogged with oil and fat-based waste, needing proper cleaning. 

That is the moment when you call Premier Maintenance Florida. We count with experts in the field and the adequate equipment to carry out this job that needs to be done, no matter what. 

Process of cleaning grease traps in Miami 

We provide comprehensive and specialized grease trap cleaning in Miami. To begin with, the actual device is completely evacuated and emptied from disposals and FOG that is build up. If it was a long time before performing the cleaning procedure, waste is possible to be clogging the trap and overflowing. Obviously, this is clearly an issue. 

After the grease trap is empty, our team of professionals will carry out the actual cleaning work. For this purpose, highly advanced equipment, approved chemicals and other resources are used to disinfect and remove any sign of waste in the device. For example, rodding, jetting and other tasks help cleaning the grease trap faster and more efficiently. 

Working with highly qualified, insured and licensed contractors as we do guarantee performing the best job. Thanks to this level of preparation, at Premier Maintenance Florida we are able to offer: 

  • Trap cleaning: we leave the grease trap of your kitchen as good as new and completely free from FOG. 
  • Trap repairs: grease traps can fail and start allowing fats and oils getting through the drains and pipes, reaching sewer lines. We can help you fixing your device so it can work as intended. 
  • Scheduled maintenance: to avoid the worst situations, the best service to rely on is scheduled maintenance. In this way, your grease trap will be cleaned and taken care of regularly. 
  • Emergency service: Premier Maintenance Florida is available 24/7 to attend emergency situation, without interfering general work or productivity. 

What would happen if grease trap cleaning is neglected? 

If grease trap cleaning is ignored, plenty of issues will appear soon. In details, a clogged and dirty grease trap causes sanitary problems at the venues where is located. Bad odor, clogged drains, overflowing and pipes would be some of the inconveniences. 

In the same way, FOG will reach the business’s sewer line and city´s sewer line as well, resulting in a great environmental issue by polluting fresh water and more. Also, regulations and law would be broken and therefore fines and penalties would be on the horizon. 

Get a free estimation today 

For those in need of grease trap cleaning in Miami, Premier Maintenance Florida is the contractor to go to. Rest easy and have the peace of mind of putting such an important job on a trusted, experienced and reliable company in the field. Enjoy upfront prices, amazing workmanship, timely completion and a permanent service with the highest customer satisfaction rate. Feel free to call today at (786) 886-3321 and request an estimation or pay us a visit to know more.

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