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HVAC Near me in Miami-Dade County: HVAC Cooling and Heating Systems to Look for

AC repair and installation in Broward County

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When it comes to almost any residential or commercial property and building, the installation of an HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a necessity as a comprehensive solution to keep a comfortable environment by cooling or warming temperature, as well as cleaning air of impurities like dust, moisture, bacteria, to control humidity and more. Premier Maintenance Florida is the HVAC near you in Miami-Dade County provider. 

Sure, while most of the HVAC have the three main functions of heating, ventilating and air condition a property at one point, there are certain different types that work differently and can be suitable or not for a home, building or even a plane or submarine, depending on the approach and where they are going to be installed. Let´s talk about the HVCA cooling and heating systems with qualities that make them recommendable.

Standard AC and Furnace System 

This is one of the most frequent, cheaper and practical HVAC systems to installed, designed for home and office use. This solution works by integrating a regular central air conditioner with a furnace that is fossil fuel-based to heat and clean the air. 

The furnace is designed to bring air through ducts to treat it, whether by cooling, dehumidifying or heating it depending on season and make living spaces more comfortable. This is what is also called a forced-system HVAC and can function with gas like propane or oil. 

Main advantages are low equipment and low operating costs and high efficiency, with disadvantages as having risks with gas leaks and forced air mean in dust and allergens brought to the property. 

Heat Pump and Air Handler HVAC-based System: AC Repair near you in Broward County 

This is a very different HVAC solution if compared with the first one, since there is no furnace or fossil fuel involved. Instead, the heat pump and air handler HVAC-based system is designed to function with a refrigerant that circulates through a heat pump thanks to a compressor, providing at the same time possibilities of heating or air condition the environment where is installed. 

Since this is system uses blowers and air handlers, it must be considered air-forced. Respecting benefits, this heat pump-based system for heating, ventilating and air condition a property is cheap for low equipment and low operating costs, having as counterpart to be inefficient when heating in very cold climates, as well as having the inconveniences of forced-air solutions in terms of spreading odors and dust in the property. 

Dual Fuel Split HVAC Systems 

Also known as hybrid, dual fuel split HVAC systems are designed by combining heat pumps and fuel-powered furnaces to provide a stronger heating solutions in houses, offices and properties where temperature can drop to the point of freezing. 

This system is designed to function automatically and switch between furnace and heat pump depending on the weather condition, being the furnace for lower temperatures and the heat pump for when it increases. An advantage of this system is that is more effective for more extreme and colder conditions, while it is more expensive and consumes more energy. 

Boiler-based Radiant Heat Systems and AC Repair in Miami Beach

The boiler-based radiant heat system and AC is probably of the most traditional HVAC solutions out there, being quite common in Europe and not so much in the United States, they are present in old houses and properties, though.

Specifically, using this system boilers that are powered by gas, oil or electricity are capable of heat water and make the fluid go through pipes and provide heating and warm the environment, thanks to a radiator. As advantage, this is the perfect system for many since generated heat feels more natural and nice in general. Cons are that it is expensive and impractical for most. 

Geothermal Heat Pump System 

UV Lights Installation

By using geothermal heat pump HVAC systems, pipes are installed underground and take advantage of the cold water underneath in summer or warm fluid on winters. This type of solution is efficient since it is easier to obtained less cold water from underground to heat it and make it up, as well as heat pumps are able to dump heat a lot easier underneath than above, better for air conditioning. Also, this solution uses solar heat that concentrates in refrigerant generated naturally. 

Choose the best HVAC near you in Miami-Dade County and enjoy a proper and specific solution with the help of Premier Maintenance Miami. Get a free and no-pressure HVAC inspection today. 

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