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Kitchen Remodel Near me in South Florida: What to Consider and Tips

Cabinetry in Miami-Dade County

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For many people and especially for those that love to cook, the kitchen is the best and favorite part of the house, along with those that love to eat. That is why; remodeling this area in a property is always something that owners want to do, changing it into their own style, preference in design and decoration choices, along with functionality and available space, as a goal that is not free of challenges. Looking for contractors? Find a kitchen remodel near you in South Florida. 

Remodeling a kitchen is not easy, as a task that might be expensive and demanding due to the many things that involves: space, materials, layout, decoration, time and more that requires planning. 

Fortunately, there are a few recommendations carried out by experts that make the process easier and quicker by avoiding future pitfalls from scratch, exactly those tips applied by Premier Maintenance Miami to guarantee the best kitchen remodeling process in South Florida.

Prepare a schedule and blueprint of the dream kitchen 

First of all and before starting demolishing your kitchen until point of no return, a valuable recommendation to follow is this: make a schedule and blueprint of the kitchen as you imagine it. As basic as it might seem, this will clear the route on approximately is going to be needed and where is going to be placed. 

For instance, the schedule makes easier to know what to buy: cabinets, appliances, tables and other resources, while the blueprint show where they might go. Of course, these references will change but help to realize and establish the idea. In fact, it can provide the opportunity to buy devices that will be placed in the kitchen in advance.

A kitchen requires good lighting 

For a kitchen to look beautiful and stand out in the house, it definitely will need good lighting. So, when remodeling it this aspect must be taken care of. The rule of thumb is to put a series of dimming lights on the center of the kitchen, along with others on the corners. The countertop and island, if any, should always have direct light on top. 

Another aspect respecting lighting is to have a kitchen with at least two windows or even better, a picture window. This will provide ideal lighting to the whole area in general. 

Measure the space to know is an island would a good idea or not 

To have an island is a trend respecting kitchens and in many cases remodeling one has as intention to add an island on it, since it is a resource that help with space, it looks amazing and has some value to it in terms of devices that can hold, as a permanent sink or countertop to chop vegetables. 

The thing is, not all kitchens have the available space to have an island and it would actually reduce space and would not be comfortable to use. This is where measuring is a great idea: to install an island the center of the kitchen must have at least 36 inches of space around completely free, with an ideal number of 42 inches of free space. 

Cabinet Installation

The cabinets are very important in the kitchen and their placement is also relevant. Usually, cabinets are put under the countertop. However, since such countertop must be precisely level, installing the cabinets can be a little tricky in floors that slope or walls that lean. Therefore, it is something to think about thoroughly and even consult with the professionals helping remodeling the kitchen. 

Set up a temporary room as a kitchen while remodeling 

Remodeling a kitchen is a process that might be take a great amount of time, and this is something that can be stressful since a kitchen is going to be needed anyway. So, the recommendation is to set up a temporary kitchen while the remodeling process takes place. 

To do so, moving the refrigerator, toaster and microwave into another room should be enough, while cooking with electric outdoor grill would be a great option. Since dealing with dirty dishes would be a pain for most people, the advice is to use plastic disposable ones while the remodeling finishes. 

Interested in remodeling your kitchen near you in South Florida? Do not doubt it and hire Premier Maintenance Miami solutions to bring your vision of perfect kitchen to life, with experts that know what they are doing and apply the previously mentioned advices and more. 

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