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Maintenance Services Miami, Fl

General maintenance in Miami-Dade County

Taking care of your company, commercial property or business in general should always be a priority. Carry out exhaustive and state-of-the-art business maintenance tasks and look after every system, device and machinery in your property. 

At Premier Maintenance Florida, you will be able to perform maintenance procedures by the hands of professional, licensed and certified experts to avoid issues and diagnose possible current minor fails. 

Save money by properly taking care of your commercial property respecting: plumbing, HVAC and AC units, electrical installation, roofing, flooring and more, all in one place with experience and high customer´s satisfaction rate. Request a quote now. 

Any property requires general maintenance tasks to be performed periodically, avoiding severe damage and allowing to find mild issues in time to fix them. With Premier Maintenance Florida, we can help you looking after your house or business and make sure everything works properly.

From electrical installation to plumbing solutions and AC maintenance, you can rely on a team of professionals that are experts in carrying out repairing and preventive tasks, fixing issues and anticipating them. 

Handyman tasks are also available in case your property needs painting, cleaning or any interior and exterior job. Take care of your home by getting in touch today.

Disinfection and sanitation in Broward County

Disinfection / Sanitation

Interested in having a completely cleaned and disinfected place from COVID-19 and other viruses and pathogens in general? The only way to do it is by counting with a disinfection and sanitation solution today. 

Get outstanding and capable professionals in the task of sanitizing or cleaning your house, business or any property you need at Premier Maintenance Miami. Provide your customers that peace of mind of enjoying a disinfected place, virus-free in each one of the premises. 

Avoid the risk of picking up a disease with a proper disinfection solution that brings plenty of benefits: valid certification and use of non-toxic materials. Ask for a free quote now.

Ceiling repair and installation in Broward County

Are you suffering problems respecting your house ceiling? Dealing with water stains, ceiling cracks or bowing or any other issue or sign the ceiling is showing its age? You are in need of a proper ceiling repair service. 

Hire Premier Maintenance Miami and take advantage of comprehensive repairs, reinstallation and other fixing and maintenance tasks for your ceiling. Rest assured and get that ceiling crack or water stain fixed, so the issue does not get even worse. 

Our team of capable professionals guarantee outstanding, fast and affordable work for every project, thanks to general experience in the field. Do not hesitate and call us for more info.

AC repair in Miami-Dade County

A few things are necessary to have a comfortable stay in general in any house or workplace as a properly functional HVAC unit. With a broken one at any property, thermal comfort is off the table and suffering heat or cold is almost certain, making fixing the issue mandatory. 

Premier Maintenance Florida offers HVAC repair and installation solutions. Fix that unit and get it working again in your property or install a new completely from scratch. We rely on such important work on skilled and certified professionals and technicians, in order to guarantee the highest quality service and customers´ satisfaction.

Issues involving plumbing are of the most common that occur in any residential or commercial property. A pipe wears out and starts leaking or a drain gets clogged, these are frequent situations to deal with. As simple as they might be, counting with professional plumbers to address the issue is important to avoid more severe damage. 

Premier Maintenance Florida provides you with a team of skilled, licensed and certified technicians in plumbing tasks. From simple daily jobs to comprehensive and bigger scoped projects, our plumbers will be able to help you by fixing and repairing what is needed.

Commercial roofing in Broward County

Dealing with some issues respecting the roof of your house or commercial property? Having leaking situations and other related problems with damaged roofs is very annoying and expensive in the long run. 

Call the right professional roofers available at Premier Maintenance Florida and carry out that roofing project your house needs, in order to improve general condition and increase value. 

From re-roofing or installing a new roof from scratch to perform repairs and maintenance tasks, our contractors count on the expertise and knowledge they need to embrace any roofing venture, no matter its scope. We will be glad to hear from you, so call us.

Window repair in Miami-Dade County

Dealing with a broken window? A shattered glass in any window in your property is something to take care of soon. Not only it involves a risk to security, but also looks bad and it is possible the power bill gets increased. To avoid all of this, a window glass repair is the recommended thing to do. 

At Premier Maintenance Florida you can find professional contractors and experts in this type of task. Whether you need to replace the window frame or glass, or change the seals on a double-pane window, our skilled technicians can do that and more. Pay us a visit for more information.

Sure, dealing with a leaking situation in any roof is annoying and bad in general. However, addressing the problem with a DIY approach is an even worse idea. For roof patching and waterproofing tasks, calling the experts is the only way to go and you can find them at Premier Maintenance Florida. 

Repair, replace and fix your roof in no time, guaranteed and with the help of actual expert roofers that know exactly how to re-patch and make every piece waterproof to avoid filtration and leaking. Recoating, sealant applying and plastering are some of the processes we carry out for roof strengthening purposes.

Are you in the need of a trustable contractor for an electrical installation in your house or business? By hiring Premier Maintenance Florida, you can rely on properly qualified and certified electricians with plenty of experience in the field. 

Our professional contractors count on the required technical and practical knowledge to carry out complex tasks respecting electrical installations. 

Entire lighting system and fit-outs, rewiring, sock and lighting point additions and outlets, electrical control systems, fiber optics, alarms, CCTV installation and more is available. Call us and be part of the highest customer satisfaction rate for electrical installation and maintenance tasks today.

Do you finally want to carry out that remodeling project to transform and renovate your house like you have always dreamed of? With Premier Maintenance Miami, you will see that vision come true as your property is improved and finally shows your personal style, design and purpose. 

Remodel your kitchen and add that beautiful and useful kitchen island and countertop, or replace that old shower in the bathroom. Whatever your transforming project for your home, we can help you. 

Rely on actual designers, builders and handymen that are experts in their corresponding fields, with certified experience and knowledge. Get in touch to increase your property value today.

As soon as any asphalt is laid on the ground in any driveway or road, it starts to deteriorate and such process accelerates if maintenance tasks are not applied. At Premier Maintenance Miami, you can get support from skilled and equipped experts in the field of asphalt maintenance and applying and also maintenance work to keep it in good condition. 

Our team of professionals guarantee state-of-the-art maintenance tasks in your business or residential property: resealing and recoating are necessary processes to carry out every three years, at least. We will be happy to hear from you, so contact us for estimation and start taking care of your property.

Commercial remodeling in Broward County

Interested in changing that old, worn out and beat door in your house for a new and more beautiful one? Take advantage of our door installation solutions at Premier Maintenance Florida and finally replace that squeaky and noisy door for one that actually fits style and decoration in your property. 

Replace or repair any type of door you need: interior or exterior door, sliding or screen doors, storm or sliding barn doors and more, all in one place. Our team of experts and skills contractors know exactly how to install that door you want so much, with suitable equipment and technical knowledge. Ask for an estimate today.

Any commercial business related with food or even residential properties have grease traps, as devices that prevent for fat and oil-based elements to reach drainages and cause damage. As logical, at one point these devices get clogged or simply full of disposals and they need to be cleaned. 

Hire a grease trap cleaning service at Premier Maintenance Florida and give this task to those that really know what they are doing. Prevent bad smells and other sanitary issues by cleaning greasy traps in your property, quickly and reliably with proper and non-toxic resources. Call us for more information and details. 

Overhead door installation in Miami-Dade County

Overhead doors are very convenient for home garages and also in residential buildings, saving space and working more efficiently respecting power use and weight. At the same time, this type of door is very practical, it looks nice and is very secure. 

Take advantage of all of these benefits with an appropriate overhead door installation with the support of Premier Maintenance Florida. Have a team of trusted and reliable professionals in your property that are certified in their task. 

From the motor unit to the drums and the actual door vertical centerlines, we have every part of the process covered.

Roofing in Miami-Dade County

Taking care of your property is very important and the best way to do it is by carrying out maintenance tasks. With roof maintenance solutions you can find at Premier Maintenance Miami, you will be able to keep your roof in perfect condition, saving you money in the long run. 

Whether you need recoating, patching or reapply shingle pieces or resurface BUR, MBR or EPDM-based roofs, we have got you covered in any of these complex procedures. Thanks to experienced and certified professionals, every project is addressed with excellence, integrity and reliability so our customers always get the satisfaction of hiring us.

Pressure washing in Miami-Dade County

Industrial facilities: plants, manufacturing buildings and similar require a special type of industrial cleaning solution, in order to meet sanitary conditions in general. Premier Maintenance Florida can help you in this endeavor. 

Hire the most suitable professionals respecting industrial cleaning solutions, with highly skilled and licensed workers who are capable of carrying out techniques and use of resources to remove dust, debris and general waste at any industrial location. All of this, without interrupting or affecting production. 

For those owning a manufacturing plant or in charge of one, our industrial cleaning service is the way to go for complete sanitation while meeting hygiene standards.

Wishing to finally add that incredible and gorgeous cabinetry in your kitchen? Hire Premier Maintenance Florida and increase the value of your property. At the same time, get to improve such space with useful and beautiful cabinets that definitely give the kitchen that unique touch that fits your personal style.

Do you prefer wooden, laminate, steel-based or fiberglass cabinets? In any material you desire, our expert contractors, designers and builders will come up with a beautiful work worthy of being considered an artistic craftsmanship. Feel free to call and let us know about your cabinetry project you want for your kitchen, so we can help you.

Commercial electrical installation in Broward County

Carrying out proper and in time electrical maintenance in any property is critical. By not doing it would mean having the risk of getting out of business, as a commercial property cannot afford to experience fields respecting light systems and equipment. 

Respecting complex electrical maintenance tasks, Premier Maintenance Florida is a company that is capable of providing the best electricians and professional contractors in general for the job. 

Our team will be able to diagnose, check and repair from panels and transformers and switches to grounding systems, generators and surge protection. Take care of your property the way it is supposed to.

Dealing with heavy layers of dust, mold and filth in any surface in your property and particularly on your sidewalk or front can be a real pain in the both. Unfortunately, thick layers of dirt are very hard to remove. The good news is, pressure washing is a solution you can take advantage of at Premier Maintenance Florida

Get rid of any almost irremovable layer of dirt in your house or workplace with pressure washing. By the hand of our professional team and their equipment and expertise, high-pressured water streams will do the job and remove filth off of the surface. Get in touch to know more.

Eager to renovate your home and finally transform it into the house of your dreams? Carry out that comprehensive general interior remodel project in your property and renew your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and any other area you need with the help of Premier Maintenance Miami

Thanks to our experts in design, style and available builders and general professionals in handyman tasks, you will be able to see your house renovated like you always have dreamed of. Finally, get your personal space to speak of your style and way of living with beautiful decorations and finishes. Increase the value of your property today.

Commercial signs in Miami-Dade County

Eager to show your corporate identity as you should in your business? For this you need to place a great and big commercial sign with your logo and brand, in order to provoke ad reaction in all of your customers. Premier Maintenance Florida can help achieve this and more. 

Identify your business with our commercial sign solution and finally relate your service with a color scheme and symbol that represents you. With us, place that logo or brand on top of your location and generate a reaction. Our professional designers will make a durable and strong sign capable of enduring hard conditions.

When it comes to a fast and easy way to start remodeling any property, a painting task is definitely the most common. Now, leave this venture to those that really know at Premier Maintenance Florida, with highly qualified, licensed and skilled contractors. 

Turn ugly interior and exterior walls into beautiful and shining ones with a state-of-the-art painting job, and finally give your house or workplace the makeover you need so much. Relax and enjoy that peace of mind of knowing your property is in good hands, as responsible and reliable contractors. Call for more information and project estimation today.

A few remodeling tasks have so much influence in decoration and visuals respecting any property as flooring installation. Changing or modifying the floor has a great impact on how a house or certain area would look, improving aspects quite much. 

If you have a flooring installation project in mind, Premier Maintenance Florida is the company to do the job. Replace that old floor or install a new one in your recently built house and give it your personal style and unique touch. Whether you like tile, wood or laminate flooring and other materials, we have your back in making your remodeling dream come true.

The best way to show off that new remodeled kitchen or modified living room with a new style and finish is by counting on it with a good lighting system. If you do not have it, no matter how beautiful it is if proper light is not available to see it. 

Hire Premier Maintenance Florida and get that lighting installation you house or new property need. From installing the light bulbs to setting the control panel and placing the light fixtures in the interior and exterior, our team has you covered. Rely on certified and licensed electricians only with our support.

Wall cleaning in Miami-Dade County

Particularly on the exterior, walls can get dirty and look bad due to the dust and other particles of mold and dirt that get accumulated. When the layer of filth is so severe, the recommended thing to do is to hire a wall cleaning solution, and Premier Maintenance Florida makes it possible for you. 

With us, get skilled and insured contractors that will go as high as they need to, in order to clean the walls from anything that is on them, taking advantage of specific high quality resources, equipment and techniques. Get in touch and make your walls look nice again.

Lock installation in Miami-Dade County

When it comes to locks, this is one element you should not be cutting corners on when it comes to your house. Ultimately, such locks are the devices that give protection and avoid intruders from entering freely in your property. For a good lock installation, replacing and repair, contact Premier Maintenance Florida

Count on an emergency locksmith service, so you can deal with lockouts and similar events. Change the locks wherever you need or get duplicates to avoid bad times in the future. Only the most skilled and best technicians and professionals locksmiths in town work on your property on behalf of Premier Maintenance Florida.

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