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Painting in Miami-Dade County

Painting in Miami-Dade County

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Visuals and esthetics are aspects businesses must always take care, if the intention is having an inviting appearance where painting is very important. 

For this reason, Premier Maintenance Florida provides commercial painting in Miami-Dade County, for you to look after your property in this way.

For a decade now, our business prides in offering the ultimate painting solutions focused on commercial building and structures. 

Counting on the best staff will make sure you have the best looking business in your segment, with shiny walls on the inside and outside.

From color to finish, we will take care of everything. 

Wide commercial painting solutions available at Premier Maintenance Florida 

Painting in Miami-Dade County
Painting in Miami-Dade County

While painting is quite relevant – if not the most important – regarding how a commercial property looks and its aesthetics, there is another key aspect; protection.

You see, a proper layer of paint adequately applied with quality materials acts as protective coating. 

Therefore, such finish avoids dust and dirt to build up on the wall surface, as well as providing other benefits and preventing staining.

That is why; when walls have poor painting, all of the sudden they start looking dusty and stained. 

Of course, as business owner that is something you cannot allow to happen if you want to preserve your commercial property´s appeal.

At Premier Maintenance Florida, you find specialized painting solutions designed for buildings that carry out productive functions. 

From office buildings and warehouses to retail stores, restaurants and manufacturing facilities, our staff of professional painters have the required expertise and certification. 

For instance, available techniques not only involve painting application, but also finish improvement and repair, texture coating and striping.

Whatever need your property is showing related to painting and more, we can help either on the interior and the exterior. 

Painting services designed to look after your business in Miami-Dade County 

Painting is complex, being more than simply applying a layer of paint on your walls.

Other aspects like surface treatment, finishes, cleaning, renovation and more are involved. 

Now, all of the aforementioned processes require licensed and insured professionals.

Premier Maintenance Florida offers the best in the business, with bonded and responsible features for guarantying the best result. 

Our staff knows more than ever than every building and their requirement in visuals and painting are different, according to condition and more. 

As such, when you reach us the first step is evaluate your business´s current status on walls.

So, coming up with a suitable action plan and project that allows to perform all repair and renovation tasks are possible. 

In depth, our painting solutions focused on commercial properties include: 

Interior painting: improve your property´s interior and general visuals with new and shiny paint layers. Would you like satin, or maybe matte finish on the walls?

We work according to your personal preferences, with state-of-the-art results. 

Painting in Miami-Dade County
Painting in Miami-Dade County

Exterior painting:

protect your house on the outside with a proper painting project, at the same time your business curb appeal rises like a rocket.

We will make sure of applying and using techniques and resources that will maintain aesthetic and finish for a long time. 


when it comes to painting, coating work is of the most important and especially in the commercial segment.

Whether you need texture, urethane or industrial coating at some are in your property, we can do it.

Epoxy coating is another one we perform. 


if you run or manage a commercial facility that needs walls or flooring waterproofed, you count on the right staff that specializes in such task.

This is a particular need in surfaces prone and expose to weather conditions. 

Other related-painting service:

we provide other solutions to complementing panting tasks, such as cleaning with pressure washing, stucco repairs, siding maintenance, masonry repair and more. 

Provide amazing painting and great finish to your business

As established earlier, great businesses must have an inviting appearance for their customers in general.

Well, this is only achieved by having spotless and shiny clean walls as the most relevant aspect regarding visuals. 

With us, you can see carried out that painting project you have in mind to give that clean look to your property.

If painting in Miami-Dade County is what you are searching for online, Premier Maintenance Florida is the contractor for the job in the city. 

Make your mind and get in touch with us calling at (786) 886-3321 and ask for estimation. We will make sure of giving you a painting plan that will fit your budget and needs.

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