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UV lights installation in Miami

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So we can enjoy of a comfortable temperature, a clean environment and pure air in our property, air conditioning and HVAC units are almost mandatory. Now, while such devices do their best in carrying out their function of keeping spaces warm or cool, during this process moisture and pathogens may appear. To avoid this, enjoy the benefits of a UV lights installation in Miami-Dade County from Premier Maintenance Florida. 

When ACs and HVACs units do not have suitable and periodic maintenance, problems respecting poor air quality and more may appear. Another problem is condensation, which leads to other issues that affect health directly. The only way to deal with this inconvenience is by installing UV lights. Know more about this technology and our installation service, in order to bring plenty of sanitary advantages in an easy way. 

Install UV lights in Miami on behalf of Premier Maintenance Florida 

Would you like to enjoy a cleaner air to breathe in your house or business? To install UV lights on your air conditioning unit is the best way to do it. But, why is it that you need this type of device to improve air quality? There is no easy or short answer. 

You see, ACs and HVACs units carry out functions that involve cooling and dehumidifying the environment where they are. While this occurs, the air conditioning generates condensation when unavoidably gas and general humidity turn into liquid due to the internal process of the unit in keeping spaces cooled

The thing with condensation is that this resulting liquid is a breeding ground for moisture, and at the same time moisture is ideal for microorganism and pathogen proliferation. When the unit lacks of maintenance and moisture accumulates, problems begin to appear that affect air quality and health in general. 

The good news is, at Premier Maintenance we have the perfect solution to address this issue by installing specialized UV lights. With this device, pathogens like viruses, bacteria and microorganisms in general will not be able to proliferate, since the light attacks them at a cellular level. In this way, DNA is destroyed and the moisture becomes inert.

Our team of contractors has expertise in maintenance tasks and installing UV lights that are perfect for 24/7 permanent operation, in any type of AC or HVAC unit. This device is approved by CDC and other health entities that guarantee its safety in general. Would you like to know more about UV lights installation in Miami? Visit https://premiermaintenanceflorida.com to get more information. 

Benefits of UV lights in ACs 

Installing UV lights on air conditioning units bring plenty of benefits in different aspects, health as one of the most important. Some of the advantages are:

  • Forget about dealing with pathogens. UV lights kill bacteria, viruses, germs and allergens in general. This reduces drastically the odds of getting the flu and colds in your property.  
  • UV lights and proper maintenance reduce odors and smells due to moisture accumulation. 
  • When the lack of maintenance is severe, the unit may suffer from algae growth and this would cause condensate drain lines to be clogged. As result, the AC unit will work inefficiently and will require more power. UV lights avoid all of these issues entirely. 
  • Cleaner drains, coil, pipes and filters inside the AC unit thanks to proper maintenance and UV lights installation will result in lower power bills, general efficiency, improved cooling and durability of the machine. 
  • Breathe pure air in your property and enjoy more comfortable spaces regarding thermals. 

For these reasons and more, maintenance tasks and UV installation services become very important for AC units. When an air conditioning is not maintained and UV lights are not present, dealing with moisture, polluted air and pathogens, along with high power bills is poor quality cooling is guaranteed. 

Hire Premier Maintenance Florida in Miami today 

Avoid bad quality air, respiratory conditions like allergies and similar and at the same time take care of your AC unit at home or your business by installing UV lights in Miami. Request a free quote at Premier Maintenance Florida today and have a 10% off of the installation. 

Enjoy of a completely sanitized and clean home and workplace on our behalf. We are known for our responsibility, integrity, timely delivery, quality of work and certified professionals. 

Working under these unnegotiable values and flat prices make us worthy of being trusted with your maintenance and installation services in your commercial or residential property. Call us at (786) 886-3321 today. 

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