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General contractors in Miami

General maintenance in Miami-Dade County

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Any job, any size, consider it done. Whether you need remodeling your house, maintain your business or repair any issue regarding any system, we provide the best general contractors in Miami for you. Premier Maintenance Florida is the company in South Florida, Miami and nearby counties you can rely on and trust every time your residence or business requires specific solutions and care. 

Would you like to know more about our contractors and team of professionals and highly skilled technicians? Keep on reading and learn about what we do, characteristics of our work and values we base on in every project we address. Call us at (786) 886-3321 to know more. 

Transform and improve your space: Hire Premier Maintenance Florida 

We know it is always your interest to improve and transform your property for the better. Either you want to remodel your living room and add it your personal touch and style, or expand that front receiver at your business for better viewing. At Premier Maintenance Florida, we take charge in bringing that intention and purpose to real life. 

Whatever your general contracting needs are, we have you covered. We count on with a certified, experienced and qualified team of contractors for a variety of tasks. Such tasks go from maintenance and repairing to remodeling and installation regarding every system at your property. 

Our approach covers residential and commercial structures alike, by addressing from the smallest repairing project to the most comprehensive one that requires from home additions to complete space modification and improvement. 

Hire general contractors in Miami at Premier Maintenance Florida for any of the following tasks to carry out in your property: 

  • Business maintenance
  • General maintenance
  • Electrical installation and maintenance
  • Door installation and maintenance
  • Greasy trap cleaning 
  • Overhead door installation
  • Roofing, patching and waterproofing
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Cabinetry 
  • Kitchen remodeling 
  • Bathroom remodeling 
  • AC and HVAC repair, maintenance and installation 
  • Flooring installation, repair and maintenance
  • Commercial signs
  • Painting 
  • Plumbing services
  • Window glass repair 
  • Lighting installation 



As you can see, our possibilities respecting improving any type of property are very wide and cover practically any task. We count on with skilled contractors who are professionals in each one of their professions. 

How we work as general contractors in Miami

We pride ourselves as a company on many characteristics, values and features that make us the preferred one in Miami to professional general contractors. To begin with, we are committed to provide the best possible service every time and for each project, respecting quality of work and craftsmanship. 

Our certified professionals cover many fields. Each project is addressed with a client-centered approach where personal preference is key, thanks to a great understanding respecting customer service. Clients´ needs are always different and therefore we approach projects individually, so they can see their actual vision of their improved property brought to life. 

To achieve the best result, Premier Maintenance Florida as service and contractor provider works under unnegotiable values of honesty, integrity, high-quality work, outstanding customer service and affordable pricing.   

With us, professionalism, safety, accountability and honesty carrying out every task and project are guaranteed. These features and values make us worthy of entering our customers´ properties and to be trusted as one, if not the best general contractor provider in Miami. 

Our team does it right while keeping the client´s preferences and personal style respecting design and efficiency, with a great sense of detail and permanent attention. We are aware that the closest we get to that dream vision of a beautiful kitchen, bathroom or living room the customers have, they will be more satisfied.

Feel free to contact us today and request a free quote 

For more information, get in touch with us and know more about our service plans, maintenance and remodeling solutions and for general assistance in every doubt you might have. We are eager to hear from you and help you in carrying that project, which will bring that perfect house or business you have dreamed of into real life. 

Searching for general contractors in Miami? Search no more and contact Premier Maintenance Florida today or access our website https://premiermaintenanceflorida.com. Request a free quote online and we will be contacting you for more details, pricing and to offer you personalized attention you deserve for your project.  

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